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How to Craft a Well-Crafted Board Meeting Reminder

A well-crafted reminder for board meetings is a powerful tool for communicating that improves participants’ level of readiness and boosts the productivity and success of scheduled engagements. Reminders should be on time and clearly convey essential information about the meeting, such as the meeting’s title the date, time, venue or virtual platform, and agenda. Furthermore, they should also include a call-to-action that encourages attendees to confirm attendance or contact the organizer to any questions or concerns. A friendly tone, and the use a professional reminder template can increase accountability among participants and decrease the chance of omissions.

Start your email reminder by giving a an introduction https://boardroomhub.com/best-photo-editing-software/ that briefs recipients of the purpose behind the meeting. This will make them feel valued and ensure that they don’t miss the event by ignoring or overlooking its importance. Keep your subject line descriptive and concise. A shorter subject may limit the information you convey.

Sending reminders frequently prior to the meeting will ensure that the participants do not forget or misplace anything. A first reminder sent a week prior to the meeting is a good place to begin, followed by a follow-up on the day of the meeting. You may want to send a final message the morning of the session particularly if it’s a critical one. A template for board meetings that automates the process could make this easier and ensure everyone is reminded about the upcoming meeting regardless of the time of day.